Detroit Future Media workshops are 20-week trainings for Detroiters interested in building Detroit’s media economy through the creation of grassroots media, and community cultural production. The workshops offer intensive trainings on video, graphics, and web design with a focus on education, entrepreneurship and media-based community organizing.


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Community Conversations: Evan Major

Hey Detroit Future! Here is the lastest in the Community Conversation!

Community conversations are some of the things I love most about #detroitfuture. We build these conversations as a way to respect and honor the basic life truth: Communication is a human right. All of us have the right to be heard, all of us have the right to be in community with others, and all of us have the right to communicate with our community in the way that most suits our comfort and abilities.

This conversation focuses on Detroit Future Media participant, Evan Major.

This clip was filmed at the beginning of the DFM 2012--when Evan was still throwing ideas around and talking with a partner on what his work could possibly look like. He's shared with me since then that his ideas for the program's project have shifted in major ways! But it's still great to see that his work began first with a thought, and then with a conversation with his community.

This is what happens when we talk with each other. When our conversations are for each other.